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Amma Take Me To Shirdi


Join Amma and her boys as they travel to Shiridi, home to one of India's most celebrated saints - Sai Baba. Hear the story of one of the most loved and revered mystics. Walk around the neem tree that game him shelter. Relish a few moments in Dwarka Mai, the dilapidated mosque that became his home. Visit Dhuni Mai, the ever-burning fire Sai Baba had lit, and receive his blessings. Hear stories of the countless miracles he performed as you pay respects at Shir Samadhi Mandir, where he rests. Let Amma take you on a journey to witness the life of this unique saint who taught by example, compassion and kindness and who, for a century, has been drawing millions of adoring devotees every year. Told through interesting stories with captivating illustrations, this book brings alive an important place of worship in a engaging way.


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Rated 5 out of 5

Harischandra Parasuram

Superb - Children loved it

Rated 5 out of 5

Namrata B.

Engaging stories, interesting facts and insightful details! -Reading 'Amma Take Me To Shirdi' by the awesome Bhakti Mathru was, for me, like taking a trip back in time & reliving all those precious memories of my spiritually rejuvenating trip to Shirdi. The latest in the 'Amma Take Me To...' series (after Amritsar, Tirupati & Dargah of Salim Chisti), Bhakti aces this one too in her trademark style & imparts wonderful nuggets of wisdom in the form of conversations between amma & her boys Veer and Shiv in the form of a travelogue as they visit Shirdi.

What was extremely interesting for me when it came to this book - to realize that there are so many things to see in Shirdi besides the main shrine - the Hanuman temple, Dwarka Mai, Dhuni Mai, etc. To read about them & their significance in Baba's life was a wonderful eye-opener!

Bhakti's stories reach out to kids everywhere & help them understand the wonderful diversity in our culture & religion. Over & above, through the story, words & graphics the qualities of love & tolerance come through beautifully in a seamless manner - that is the power of her storytelling.

Rated 5 out of 5


Best way to help children understand these stories - Yet another book to the 'Amma, Take Me to..' series, this is the journey of two kids to Shirdi, famous for Sai Baba who was known to be kind and loving and preached about Faith and Patience.

The story gives us a detailed overview of Sai Baba's life. His arrival at Shirdi, the love he garnered throughout his lifetime, his Miracles and his teachings. The story has been made interesting by the children's curiosity to know more about the place they were visiting. The detail-oriented writing is a treat because of its simplicity.

This is a series you must check out, if you've got kids and plan to introduce them to different faiths.

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