Amma Series

Amma Tell Me

Amma tell me about Diwali, Amma tell me about Krishna
Amma tells us about Festivals and Gods such as Ganesha
How did Hanuman cross an ocean so great
How did the evil Ravan meet his fate
For these stories and so much more
Ask Amma to share ancient Hindu lore
With children aged three to nine
A series written in a beautiful rhyme
With colourful drawings of love and strife
Bringing thousands of years of culture to life
Perfect for parents and educators alike
To read to children ‘til their hearts delight

The ‘Amma Tell Me’ series is a charming and informative collection of children’s books introducing major Hindu festivals and deities to young readers in a fun and playful way. Targeting children aged three to nine, the books are written in rhyme with vivid, captivating illustrations, making them perfect for parents and educators wanting to share stories of Hindu mythology, festivals and culture with young children.