Amma Series

Amma, Tell Me About The Avatars of Vishnu!

Hear Amma narrate the story of Vishnu, the Hindu deity tasked with preserving creation, and the first of his ten avatars. Join the siblings, Klaka and Kiki, as Amma tells them the story of a period when earth is rife with corruption and evil and on the brink of an apocalypse and how Vishnu in the form of Matsya, the fish, befriends Manu, a noble king, and tasks him with saving creation. Will they succeed in their mission? To find out, read more. Written in rhyme with vivid, captivating illustrations, this series brings Hindu mythology to its readers in a fun and non-preachy way.

Join Amma and the boys on a new adventure
As life on earth is threatened by a terrible storm.
Will noble Manu be able to save the planet
With help from Vishnu who takes a fish’s form?


Rated 4.33 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings
(3 customer reviews)


Rated 5 out of 5

Cheshta Abrol

Amazingly illustrated book - A big beautiful children's book that introduces the young minds to different Avatars of lord Vishnu. Indian mythology has always played a crucial role in a child's growing years. They're introduced to the forms of gods either one way or the other and this book can definitely be the place to start.

The illustrations throughout the book are very precise, catchy and to the point. The bigger font size makes it a good choice to bring to the class for read-aloud sessions and the overall size of the book and glossy pages makes the book even more engaging.

The content of the book has some words that would be a little difficult for children to understand but, the overall narration is quite intriguing and fun to read.

Even my students loved the book. They not only found the book intersting but very informative too. Looking forward to read the about other Avatars of Vishnu. Overall, I really enjoyed this book and so did my students.

Rated 3 out of 5


Creative presentation - With the advancement in technology, nuclear families and working parents, children these days rarely get to know about mythology. Also the invasion pf western culture is so impactful that kids get attracted to the modern gadgets and games. Hence our traditions and culture take the backseat.

The Avatars of Vishnu by Bhakti Mathur is a book that introduces the kids to their roots. The book talks about the first incarnation of lord Vishnu, Mastya the fish. The author with her creative narration, manages to grasp the attention of kids and keeps them engaged throughout. Though it a short read, it runs deep in meaning, that lingers on in the young minds for a long time.

The illustrations by Maulshree Somani, is so fascinating and vibrant that it adds up to increase the interest in kids, and casts its magical spell on adults as well. Overall a very informative read.

Rated 5 out of 5

Anubhav Jaiswal

Good book to introduce mythology - This part of the series Vishnu Avatar talks about how Lord Vishnu rescued the book of knowledge(Veda) from Demon.

My daughter is just 4 but the paper quality n illustrative demonstration makes it quite interesting for her to understand mythology so easy.

The language is very simple as whenever I read it to her as a bedtime story, it's like a grand affair to her n she starts dwelling into an imagination zone to get all the queries answered with the help of this book.

I think am a Series is the best way to introduce Indian mythology to our kids not only in fun but in an engaging way as well.

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